Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big Family Pictures

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So, yeah...

Almost a year since I've updated here - wow.  I guess I don't write on here as much due to facebook.  I post plenty of pics on there for family and friends, so I figure - why bother with here?

BUT - to keep a nice tidy record of our recent happenings:

  9 months-ish


 3 months

 3 months

 3 months

 3 months

  6 months

  April Family pics with "Photography by LeeAnn"

  9 months

  8 Months

   9 months

  Summer at Multnomah

  Summer at Oregon Coast

   Coming home from Camping

And just for fun -- a look back:  This was in 2008 - Aaron was 8 and Lauren 6. So cute!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

More updates and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

More Pics of what we've been up to:

In December, we surprised the kids and took them with us to Las Vegas. While David was at his conference, the kids and I explored Nevada. We visited the Red Rocks, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, and of course The Strip (before dark!)

One of Daniel, just becuase he's cute!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Puyallup Fair

Daniel's Nursery

2 Months old

Sweatin to the Oldies!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More baby!

The kids love their little brother!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello Baby!


Friday, July 29, 2011

So close!

Just returned home from staying overnight at Labor & Delivery.
I had some stabbing pain yesterday in my left side, the baby had slowed down, and my BP was a little elevated so I went in.

After a TON of tests and an ultrasound, the baby and I both looked great. What they think is that he turned himself a little bit sideways and it looked like his head was bumping into my old uterine scar.

My Dr. came down to visit with me and he would've released me last night, but with my history he said he'd feel better to keep me overnight on the monitors so that's what I did.

This morning, he came back to visit me and I think he'd like to deliver this baby now also - BUT with the new guidelines, they have to be able to medically justify going before 39 weeks. With my history, he was thinking he could maybe do my C-Section on Monday, which is very close to 38 weeks, but we'd need to do an amnio to ensure the lungs were mature.

I decided this would be a great option, so they called up the portable ultrasound, he got everything ready (that is one LONG needle!) and then...poo. The placenta was covering every pocket of fluid except for one small one where his face was and they don't do them close to the face just in case. With a "normal" pregnancy he said he'd go through the placenta, but with having a previous abruption, the risk of it seperating was just too great.

So now we are back on countdown to my original date - and just hope I make it there -OR my water breaks next week and they have to do it!

Friday, July 8, 2011

34 weeks

Here is a pic of the boy at 33wks 6days (but we'll count it as 34weeks =)

I'm seeing the Dr every 3-4 days. Today at 34w2d I had an NST - which he passed with flying colors. Then we had a quick ultrasound. Mostly good news there, but my placenta looks a little bit older than it should. It is still attached 100% though and I go back on Monday for a big ultrasound.

...we are still NAMELESS. Daddy and I just cannot agree.

Friday, May 6, 2011

25 Week Update

Before my Preg update - lookie what I made:

Carseat canopy with window - woot!

Now onto baby news. I'm 25 weeks yesterday with baby measuring at 26.

Starting next week, I have to go in weekly for ultrasounds and OB checks. At the end of the month, I'll start going 2x a week until the baby is here! The added appt will be for an NST (Non-stress test).

If my BP gets above 140/90 at all, I have to call and probably have to go into the hospital to stay. My systolic (the top number) has been really good 110-125ish. My diastolic has been in the mid 70s-85s. So that is the number I have to watch.

Mostly the "plan" is that if anything looks concerning on the ultrasounds, NSTs, or with my BP I will be put into the hospital so if I have another abruption, I will be ready for an emergency c-section. Here's hoping that doesn't happen and I can hold out until at least 34 weeks!

For the people who've been asking - I feel great! That is a blessing BUT I felt great last pregnancy too, and we know how that ended, so I always take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks all for your comments and posts (here and on FB!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Time No Post - Here's Why:

Well, I can "hide" it no longer.
I say "hide" because I think some people were wondering if I:
A) am gaining back my WW weight
B) had some sore of terrible illness or
C) am Pregnant

Of course I AM gaining some weight - but it is because of this little bean right here - so if you guessed "C" you were right on! This pic is from an ultrasound back in Feb:

For those that remember our last pregnancy with our son Christopher - we of course appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers we can get.

I had another ultrasound today and so far everything looks great. In fact the baby is weighing about 5-7 days ahead which is good news because I will of course have to deliver early. It is a waiting game to see how early - it could be as soon as 32 weeks but hopefully is at 36.

My official due date is Aug 17th, so making it to 32 weeks means the baby would be born JUNE 22nd! (only two months away!!!) and 36 weeks is July 20th. We are definitely hoping I and the baby can stay safe until 36 weeks. My Doctors predict bedrest at about 30 weeks - they (and I) hope I can do the bedrest at home instead of in the hospital.

PS - It's a BOY!

(Apologies to my coworkers who probably thought I was dying of some unknown illness thanks to all my Dr visits/ blood draws / no lifting duties / etc - love ya! )

Friday, November 19, 2010


Aaron's turn for dinner! (He wouldn't let me take any pictures - he's so funny!)

He only had to cook for Lauren and himself. D and I had a huge lunch and we had to eat early before Pack Mtg.

Aaron's Menu:

1. Tortillas with Cheese, grilled in a pan
2. Canned Oranges
3. Frozen Corn

It is funny the things you take for granted when cooking. Aaron didn't know that you can't put a hot pan onto the kitchen counter. You can't leave a plastic spatula in your hot frying pan, etc. Glad he's learning about these things now though - and not when he's 19 and away at college!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm trying to have the kids help out more around the house - I want them to be capable, independent adults (and teenagers hopefully ;) One of the things we are working on is having the children help meal plan and to help cook the meals. This is Lauren's first meal - we'll see how it goes!

Lauren's Menu for tonight.

* Spaghetti Noodles with Mizithra Cheese, Garlic Bread, Pears
* Salads
- Dessert = Jr Frosty's (Thanks Aunt Jenny & Uncle Sammy for the coupons!)