Friday, May 6, 2011

25 Week Update

Before my Preg update - lookie what I made:

Carseat canopy with window - woot!

Now onto baby news. I'm 25 weeks yesterday with baby measuring at 26.

Starting next week, I have to go in weekly for ultrasounds and OB checks. At the end of the month, I'll start going 2x a week until the baby is here! The added appt will be for an NST (Non-stress test).

If my BP gets above 140/90 at all, I have to call and probably have to go into the hospital to stay. My systolic (the top number) has been really good 110-125ish. My diastolic has been in the mid 70s-85s. So that is the number I have to watch.

Mostly the "plan" is that if anything looks concerning on the ultrasounds, NSTs, or with my BP I will be put into the hospital so if I have another abruption, I will be ready for an emergency c-section. Here's hoping that doesn't happen and I can hold out until at least 34 weeks!

For the people who've been asking - I feel great! That is a blessing BUT I felt great last pregnancy too, and we know how that ended, so I always take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks all for your comments and posts (here and on FB!)


Dianne said...

It's great to hear the good news and we hope that it continues to be all good news. Darling car seat cover.

MissMaxMisadventures said...

I hope all goes well. It was so much fun to watch you in Primary!