Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture Journaling

I'm never good at journaling - so I thought I'd try something different and picture "journal" my food intake. I usually have my phone with me and it is quick to take a pic so that's what I did today. I forgot until after I'd eaten lunch, so I tool a pic of the empty bowl ;)

The numbers are the point values of the foods I ate

BFast: Greek Yogurt Blueberry - with Grape Nuts on top and a smidge of honey.
Snack: Lg Diet Coke
Lunch: Tendergrill Chicken salad with very little Ranch, and a regular coke (3pts!)
Snack: WW Chocolate Bar
Dinner: Soup, Grilled Cheese, and Watermelon
Dessert: SF/FF Cheesecake pudding (made with FF milk) with SF/Lite Whipped Cream, Apples, Grape Nuts and a drizzle of LF Carmel.

Here's the food!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WW Friendly Pie

I didn't really measure - so eyeball everything - which is the BEST way to COOK!

*Fibre One Cereal (the Original "stick" kind)
*Reduced Fat Graham Crackers - 2 full "wafers"
* I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (ICBINB)
* Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding of your choice
* Fat Free Milk
* Fat Free Cottage Cheese (you can't taste it - trust me - I DONT like Cottage Cheese)
* Fat Free/Sugar Free Cool Whip
In a food processor or blender, chop up the Grahams and Fibre one, pour into pie pan. Melt about 1 TBLS of ICBINB and add to the crumb mixture. Mix to combine and press onto bottom of pie pan.
In blender, add milk as directed on pudding packet (use the PIE FILLING directions). Add pudding packet and about 1/2 to 1 Cup of the Cottage Cheese. Blend until smooth. Pour into pie pan and chill in fridge about 10 minutes.

Add Cool Whip and Serve. Yum!
The Cottage Cheese helps thicken up the pudding. David didn't even know this was "Lite" food so that makes it a winner. I figured out the entire pie (made the way listed above) is about 16/18 points - FOR THE WHOLE THING! Which is good, because I could've eaten it all. :)
Cut up into 8 servings = 2.5 points a serving.

The great thing about this recipe? You can substitute any flavor of the FF/SF pudding that you like. Examples:
Pumpkin Cream = Add some Pumpkin Puree to a Vanilla pudding packet.
Banana Cream Pie = Blended up bananas (use the brown ones!) and Vanilla Pudding.

What other combos could you come up with?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still truckin'

I've been posting my weight loss "stats" on Facebook these last 9 months. A friend asked me to post a before and current pic.

The pic on the left was taken when I was about 22, in college and sadly, was not at my highest weight. I don't really have any pics from that - so imagine about 30 more pounds and there you go.

The pic on the right was taken today - at 198 pounds. Still have 24 to lose to be at the high end of the Healthy Weight ranges for my height of 5'10". We'll see what my goal is once I get there.

Click to enlarge - at your own risk!

Friday, September 10, 2010

End of Summer

Some pictures from the end of summer:

Benton Franklin Fair - Aaron and Lauren loved the rides. This picture makes me laugh though - because they both look SO over it!

We went camping at Hood Park just for one day since D and I can't be gone from the business for very long - but the kids slept in their own tent!

First Day of School *sniff* 2nd and 4th graders!