Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I'm new to the whole "Couponing" thing - but I like seeing how well I can do.

Here are the spoils of my last trip:

It is hard to see - but here's the list:
* 8 Ragu Spag Sauces
* 8 Skippy PBs
* 6 Boxes Chex - you know how expensive cereal can be & my kids plow through it!
* 4 boxes Life
* 1 Box Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
* 4 Pkgs Shredded Cheese
* 2 Pkgs Bacon
* 3 Pkg frozen veggies
* 1 loaf bread
* 1 bunch bananas
* 4 Sara Lee Frozen Pies
* 4 Breyer's Ice Creams
* 3 Cans Pears/Fruit Cocktails
* 2 Gallons Milk
* 1 Tropicana OJ
* 2 Tubs Whipped Topping

=55 Items for $60.03
Pretty good for a newbie! :) It could've been better, but I messed up on one coupon's limits. We alse *needed* the bacon and milk - so really I should be able to subtract about $9 from this because if I hadn't *needed* them, I wouldn't have bought them...that is good reasoning, right?

ETA: I forgot to add my total savings (includes coupons and savings from using my store card)~~~~~~~ $133.90!

David now thinks I'm a nutcase for taking a picture of the groceries!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Candy candy candy - yum!

Aaron was Mario and Lauren was Princess Peach. The Mario Hat took about 10 minutes to make! It is uber easy! =) Lauren's dress was a lucky find at Value Village - it was white and I dyed it pink.