Monday, October 5, 2009

A Pic Every Day

...or as close to every day as I can.

I've done a pretty good job of keeping off the 75+ pounds I've lost from my high weight, but I've been stuck in this weight for a good year+ (not counting pregnancy). In the pic below, on the left I wasn't even at my highest weight (!!) and on the right is July of '09. I obviously had my braces in between then as well ;)

Since pictures can be such a motivating factor, I took a picture of myself today in just a sports bra and basketball shorts (shudder) and will try and take pics everyday from the front and side as I am working out and doing my WWatcher points. I think I'll compile all the pics into a movie and then "publish" it here on March 31st.
My goal is 40 pounds - I figure if I can lose even half that through the whole Holiday food-fest, I've done pretty well! Wish me luck!

(Oh and BTW - the Wii is awesome! I love my EA Active Game - it makes it super easy to burn 200+ cals and you don't feel like you're working out!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Upcoming craftiness

I'm a little ADHD when it comes to crafts - but here are either specific projects I'm hoping to complete soon OR crafty sites I peruse for inspiration.

Shopping Cart Hanger - for coupons, etc... I probably won't do this one - but just wish I was this cool and organized.

Make MOON SAND! (make it outside that's for sure)

The kids need bigger ones of these, I don't remember how I did it before - this pattern looks doable!

Baby Box I actually designed one for when Christopher was born. I designed it in PrintShop and was waiting to print it out when he got sure looked cute. It is a great idea. I also made coordinating little cards for me to write the "firsts" on and throw into the box.

I'm working on a version of the "Family - journey to forever" frame right now. Hers is cuter...

Make your own sidewalk paint

Cool ladies

Thanks to the cool chicks from church who keep inviting me to do things.

Missy taught me how to make these organza flowers. She learned to make them from Little Birdie Secrets
Aaron took the pic of my hair...good job Bubba!

ETA - I just noticed in the pic of me - Niecy Nash from Clean House is on with her flower in her hair...