Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New posts

Well, I haven't blogged much because:

A. My life is boring - work work work!
B. I've become just a wee bit obsessed with Facebook.

Click on my badge ---> and add me as a friend if we know each other, or know the same person!

I leave you with the opening to a GREAT 80s show! She's way cooler than her brother!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun links... always...hoping to cut back to PT in the Spring - yay!

Anyway, some fun sites I've found:

You can search Flickr pics by color

scheme. The more your click a certain color, the more it appears in the pic. I obviously chose lots of purple and some blues.

It's fun - check it out.

Create your own "Wordle" I've printed a few
of these for decorations around our house.
Like above, the more you type a word (or name)
the larger it appears in the wordle. So I typed our names once and then copied and pasted about 30 times.
All of the other words I did once.